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FD fruits

  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
  • FD fruits
FD fruitsFD fruitsFD fruitsFD fruitsFD fruitsFD fruitsFD fruits

FD fruits

  • Ingredient: 100% fruit ingredients
  • Moisture: <5%
  • Additives and Preservative: None
  • Shelf life: 24 months

FD fruits usage: Freeze-dried fruits are widely used in cereal industry, chocolate industry, bakery, snack and so on.

FD fruits are good choice for breakfast and snack food. More and more consumers understand and choose FD fruits these years.

If you choose FD fruits instead of normal dried, we think you can get more consumers who want health foodstuff more.

Product Name

FD Strawberries, FD Pumpkin granules, FD Lemon granules,

FD Cranberries, FD Figs, FD Durian, and other FD fruits etc.


100% fruit ingredients



Shelf life

24 months

Storage Condition

Keep dry and cool, heat sealed

temperature < 25 degree

humidity < 50%

Additives and Preservative


Total Plate Count

10000 cfu/g max


10 cfu/g max

Yeasts and Moulds

300cuf/g max


Absent / 25g

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